We give healthcare new power.

We want to change the game when it comes to healthcares need for urgent help. Our idea is to bring together healthcare professionals and employers. Quicker, easier and without intermediaries.


How it works

1. Download the Medpeople app!

We’ll start out simply. Download the app, because that’s where it all happens!

2. Set up your profile!

Before you can work, you need to create an account. It’s quick and it’s free!

3. Nothing can stop you!

Now for the fun part, time to work! Navigate through the app and search for jobs that suit you.

4. Work!

When your shift has been booked it’s time for the fun part – to work! We’re guessing this one needs no further explanation.

5. Your time!

When your shift ends, you time report with ease. Don’t forget to leave some feedback about the employer as well!

6. Your money!

Payouts are made every Friday and you can easily keep track of your payments in the app!

Frequently asked questions

  • Why shoud I as an employer work with Medpeople?

    Medpeople is a brand new, free, complete healthcare staffing solution where you can quickly and easily solve all your staffing needs in one place.

    Medpeople solves staffing for both short and long term assignments without being dependent on staffing companies. You can book a consultant for a monthly assignment or for just a few hours in order to solve an urgent need. Our digital platform matches your needs with quality assured and legitimate consultants that fit your requirements profile. Here you can also see what other employers think of a consultant and compare with other consultants before you make a booking. All consultants are of course checked through the National Board of Social Services and IVO regarding competence and credentials. When you book a consultant, you sign a digital assignment agreement signed with BankID.

    You choose yourself from the consultants who apply for your assignments and book with a single click. All follow-up and communication is done directly in the app. In our platform you have access to legitimate healthcare staff around the clock, all year round. You are not limited to office hours in order to resolve a staffing. No phone calls, no email conversations and no hassle.

    Welcome to contact us for more information!

  • Why should I as a nurse or doctor work with Medpeople?

    Medpeople offers the opportunity to develop your career and give you as a consultant more flexibility and freedom in your professional role.

    We know how important it is that there are alternative work models for those who cannot or do not want to work full time on a fixed schedule. With Medpeople's platform you can work how little or much you want. You choose yourself in the app!

    Through the app you also have the opportunity to try different employers during the same period. You may wish to work in both open and closed care. This gives you an excellent opportunity to broaden your skills and become even more attractive in the labor market. This is possible when you work via Medpeople's platform.

    Through us you can choose whether you want salary or invoice. We think it is fun that more and more people are becoming their own entrepreneurs and we want to facilitate that. That's why we offer a flexible billing model and an automated billing system, directly in your app. Everything so you can focus on what you do best.

  • What does Medpeople do?

    Medpeople has created an opportunity for you as a healthcare professional to find new job opportunities with advanced skills matching - all on your own terms!

    As a consultant at Medpeople, you are involved in and contribute to healthcare - for real. We give you the opportunity to move in where it is needed most. Medpeople are not intended to replace regular staff with consultants. Instead, we want to strengthen the need for emergency and temporary resources in order to save on the ordinary staff who are the mainstay of care.

    Medpeople is a digital whole service with the aim of trying to solve healthcare's biggest problem - emergency staffing needs. With an online service whose app gives direct access to temporary assignments that are advertised by connected healthcare providers, the entire flow (from application to time reporting) takes place directly in the app and completely without intermediaries. Through our platform, healthcare personnel and care providers are matched directly with each other based on requirements for competence, salary level and experience - all without manual handling.

  • How are you different from staffing companies?

    We provide a platform for vacant assignments that need to be added at short notice and match them with healthcare professionals who want to take temporary assignments.

    Unlike staffing companies, Medpeople is not there to replace regular staff with consultants. On the contrary. We want to strengthen emergency and temporary resource needs in the hope of increasing the staffing density in healthcare and save on the regular staff who are the body in care. Medpeople has digitized the process from the emergence of an urgent need for staff, to the work being done and compensation paid.

    With Medpeople you are your own boss. This means that you decide when, how and where you want to work. You easily navigate between the assignments in the app, apply for the assignments that are right for you and you have contact with the employer yourself. Thanks to our smart system, we can keep the lowest margins on the market and allow tax money to remain within healthcare.

  • Can I work for Medpeople as a contractor?

    Starting your own company as a nurse is now an opportunity that more and more people are choosing. Many start with an individual company and through this work with various assignments within their specialty as a nurse, or as a sub-consultant for staffing companies. Some experience the administrative part as an obstacle to being an entrepreneur. Fortunately, a number of digital services have been developed over the past year that take care of accounting and taxes in a very simple way, while doing what you do best. As a self-employed person you become your own employer and take the responsibility that comes with it, but at the same time can make your own decisions and are always the last word for what matters to your work.

    If you want to read more, we want to tip about verksamt.se

    Good luck!

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