Our idea.

About 90% of staffing needs in healthcare are unforeseen vacancies due to illness, temporary increased pressure on care places and the need for specialist expertise. The traditional staffing companies have never been able to influence it. Now it’s finally possible. Unlike traditional staffing companies, Medpeople is not available to replace regular staff with consultants. On the contrary. We want to strengthen the need for emergency and temporary resources in order to save on the ordinary staff who are the backbone of care. We believe that the regular staff is entitled to a summer vacation, reasonable workload and reasonable salary. Medpeople want to improve care as a whole. Therefore, Medpeople has developed a digital staffing system to solve the short and urgent vacancies of care. Quick solutions to emergency vacancies reduce stress, overtime and boarding of regular staff, which reduces the risk of work environment problems. Through increased transparency, modern tools, better conditions and a more flexible way of working, we are confident that healthcare staffing can be done more efficiently and help to reduce the declining costs of staffing throughout the country. With dedicated healthcare consultants, the possibility for caregivers to have an extensible organization increases where competence can be called in to temporarily increase the volume and relieve regular staff.

Medpeople has early positioned itself in digital healthcare staffing with a product that solves resource and work environment problems in healthcare, reduces time- and cost-intensive administration and promotes the economy with lower healthcare costs. The service gives the consultants greater freedom, flexibility and the highest remuneration in the market.

Thanks to the digital service, time and money are saved as no intermediaries are needed. This, in turn, results in Medpeople having the lowest margins in the industry, where the right money goes to the right thing. Together we can make a difference, for real.

The team

Linda Lewin
Key Account Manager
Emma Lindholm
Key Account Manager - Södra Sverige
Thomas Hallström
Key Account Manager
Karin Sjödin
Head of Sales
Kajsa Bootin
Customer Success Coordinator
Niklas Carlsson
Customer Success Coordinator
Martin Börlin
Alina Beck
Software Developer
Herman Nilsson
Co Founder & Software Developer
Emil Bjurström
Co Founder & Software Developer
Althea Espejo
Product Designer
Eugene Tumachov
Software Developer
Ebba Lagercrantz
Communications and Market
Màrius Braut
Data Analyst
Kave Soultani
Co Founder & CEO
Niclas Nilsson
Co Founder & COO
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