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If you want to reach thousands of nurses and doctors through a digital platform, you are in the right place. Our solution makes you independent of traditional staffing companies, lowers your costs and strengthens your staff in unforeseen gaps in the schedule. The platform is completely free of charge and easy to use. You're up and running in 15 minutes.



How it works

1. Get in touch

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2. Publish a job

As soon as you get your account you can start publishing jobs. You easily edit scheduled times, pay, requirements and publish your shifts in a matter of minutes.

3. Book a consultant

When you get an application for your job, you can see the consultants profile and read reviews from other employers before you book. Booking is done through the click of a button.

4. Follow up, rate and review

The consultant will time report through the app upon job completion. When you have approved the time report, both parties get a chance to rate your experience. If you are happy with the consultant, you may save them as a favorite and book them again in the future.

I can see directly in the app if the person has the right qualifications when I need staff

Marita Klemmé
Staff administrator

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