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Downloading and using the Medpeople app is completely free of charge. You find the app in the App Store and Google Play.

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If you have any more questions, please have a look at the FAQ section here!

Do you provide pre-employment training for the temporary jobs?

Of course. When you get booked for a job, regardless of the length, please contact us at Medpeople. We agree on the need for training and make sure that you receive the necessary permissions and cards for the computer system and doors before you start. The salary during training is slightly lower than the salary you receive during the actual job.

What about the hourly wages when I take on a temporary job? Is holiday pay included? Do you pay an occupational pension? And how much taxes do you deduct?

The hourly wage that you can see directly in the app includes compensation for inconvenient working hours, holiday pay, insurance and the general pension national public pension?. The occupational pension is not included. If you would like to work full-time or for a longer period of time, we can set aside your holiday pay. Regarding the taxes, we follow Skatteverket (the Swedish tax agency’s) guidelines and deduct 30% of your allowance. Do you want a different tax rate, please let us know.

What about the salary of a permanent position? Does it include holiday pay and occupational pension?

You can discuss those matters with your new employer. We act as an intermediary, and you take care of the rest.

Does Medpeople use (kollektivavtal) collective agreements on temporary jobs?

No, but Medpeople does have similar employment conditions.

I have my own company. Is it possible for me to take on temporary jobs?

It is perfectly possible to work as a self-employed person for Medpeople. To make things easier for you, we offer a simple but yet flexible invoice solution, so you can concentrate on what you’re best at. 

If I am an employee at the county council/municipality, can I do some extra work for you anyway?

Yes, you can! However, not in the same county council or municipality. You can still apply to private healthcare providers, other municipalities or county councils. If you are looking for jobs in the county council you have worked in before, you need to check your waiting period. The waiting period means that you cannot work via staffing with the same employer within a certain period of time (usually six months).

What does it cost to use Medpeople?


How do you make money?

All the companies that employ people they rent out make money in the same way – their margin, i.e. the difference between the price paid by the customer and what the consultant gets as an allowance. Therefore, our earnings depend on the hours people work via our platform. 

We can be completely open about our earnings and we can keep an industry-leading margin thanks to our digital system. For private healthcare providers, our margin for temporary assignments for registered nurses is 14%. For public healthcare providers it is 19%. This difference is due to new VAT rules (which came into force on July 1st, 2019) which involve a disproportionate increase in costs for private healthcare providers when hiring personnel. Please read more here.

In addition, we also earn a small amount of money by advertising job ads for our customers.

You say you are saving money for society, but how exactly do you do that?

Medpeople has automated the entire staffing service by connecting consultants directly with care providers. This allows us to maintain an industry-leading margin, which means that we  usually can keep the cost of a consultant, for the care provider, lower than traditional staffing companies. Furthermore, we can pay our doctors and nurses higher wages while saving money for society.

Can I get paid accommodation and travel expenses if I take on a temporary job in a different city?

No. Medpeople’s service primarily applies to short and urgent vacancies. That is why we are unable to provide accommodation and travel expenses for longer temporary jobs.

Who takes the employer responsibility for the temporary jobs? Am I insured?

We are the ones who take the employer responsibility as long as you work with temporary assignments. All agency workers employed by Medpeople are insured through Länsförsäkringar AB, and are covered by Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada (labour market no-fault liability insurance) via FORA. As a self-employed person, we want you to get adequate insurance coverage. 

How does the e-services/SITHS card work? What is a SITHS/e-service card?

The SITHS card and the e-service card is actually the same thing – it’s the card that you use to log into systems, keep medical record etc. This card is linked to your HSA-id.

In general, clients want you to have a working SITHS card. If you are uncertain – please contact us or your employer. 

What’s the difference between Medpeople and a staffing agency?

Instead of replacing the regular staff with consultants, we want to back up the core of the healthcare service. Our primary service is to fill acute gaps and temporary needs. You don’t need any reconciliation with the consultant managers. In other words, we take away the annoying intermediation so that you can take full control over your working life. Here you can easily navigate between job assignments in the app, apply for jobs that suit you and contact the employer.

Why should I as a nurse or a doctor cooperate with Medpeople?

Working a fixed schedule doesn’t suit everybody. Nor does having to decide in advance on how you will work. Medpeople is an ideal solution for those who want freedom and a more flexible workday. In addition, you are your own boss and you decide on how your schedule looks. You can also broaden your skills by working for different employers in both open and closed care. This makes you even more attractive in the labour market. 

If you rather want to find a new permanent position, Medpeople is the place for you. Here are several job ads collected, which you can easily apply for. An additional benefit is that you can work paid trial shifts at the workplace before you decide. 

Why should I do the job myself? My consultant manager already takes care of everything, right?

I’m sure your consultant manager is very nice and does a wonderful job. Her/His job is to negotiate a price: a higher price for the client and a lower compensation for you. It is, by the way, very easy to use the Medpeople app.

When do you pay wages for temporary jobs?

One (of many…) benefits of working with Medpeople is that you get paid every Friday. Great, isn’t it?

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